Win a fouta by House of Rym


You just gotta love the products by House of Rym and you can win this fouta 'Sur la Plage' in the color sand offered to you by Marthe from Uniekkadoos - Uniekduurzaamdesign (Unique, Sustainable Design). 

Uniekduurzaamdesign is created out of the passion for design, sustainability and originality. The search for new, unique and sustainable products is always a source of inspiration. Honest, pure and beautiful products are great to give and to get. You can find a collection of beautiful products on the site, so take a look to discover something nice.

I am happy that we are giving away a beautiful fouta, made of 100% cotton and you can use it as a plaid, towel etc. What do you have to do to win this fouta?

1. we would love to hear what you think of this fouta by leaving a comment
2. become a friend of the facebook page of Uniekduurzaamdesign and Marthe here

This give-away runs till the 6th of september and the winner will be announced here and on Facebook.

With love from Jantine & Marthe


aimeejiline said...

love love love love love !
Wanna have wanna have wanna have !
I would like to put it on my bed or lay down on the beach or garden or sit on the ground, on use it as towl, or look at it, or put it on my butterfly chair !
I like it a lot.

with love


Elisabeth said...

Oh..wauw...I love swedish design and its simplicity. This would fit great into my dutch/swedish household.

I Think i would put it on my anthique oak spanish siesta sofa.

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Ooooo, what a give-away! A beautiful item with so many uses AND made from sustainable material, perfect! The colours are so beautiful too. I think I would use it as a throw, a towel, a shawl to wrap my baby girl in when it gets a little chilly, and countless other ways beside. Holding my thumbs as they say in Sweden :)

La La Love You said...

I love the gray stripes- classic and cozy! It would be well used and well loved in this family!
Reagan c.

Deepa said...

So lovely! It would be great with our wooden daybed from the Philippines, an East-meets-West look :)

Rebecca said...

My dear childhood friend Anna designed this beautiful fouta, and now that I live in the US an ocean apart from my dear friend the fouta could bring those memories closer.


As a person who studies Sustainable Design in Sweden, I am happy to see these products! especially, the photo at the beach looks cozy!! Nice work!
I would like to have one in my room!!!

I hope I could see more sustainable inspirations from House of Rym and Marthe!
Good luck!


Wombler said...

yes please, just so super lovely.

Anya adores ☆ said...

I would absolutely adore winning one of these - they would be perfect for the beach, when we have picnics with the girls, and they are just gorgeous:)
Finger XXX and have a great day,

Louise said...

"When weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out.” Martha Graham
I would relish the bits of soul that remain...

Bryanna M said...

I have been coveting a fouta for so long now...and to have it made sustainably and in the perfect colors for the soothing home I am trying to create--perfection!

majo said...

Love the simplicity of this fouta, great for a little picknick on the beach or in the foggy grass, with home made lemonade and sandwiches.. enjoying the outdoors.. jum :D


majo said...

Love the simplicity of this fouta, great for a little picknick on the beach or in the foggy grass, with home made lemonade and sandwiches.. enjoying the outdoors.. jum :D


dagný björg * feel inspired said...

I love these! So simple but yet so beautiful. The dark grey one would be absolutely perfect on my sofa for the chilly nights in autumn and winter.

Arch Candy said...

Oooo I love it so much!! It looks so cozy! Exactly the thing that's missing in my little student room for the upcoming winter in the Netherlands. I really could imagine myself studying wrapped in this lovely fouta!


Hedda said...

If I win, I'm gonna wrap my new baby in this! xxxHedda

marike said...

Oh Prachtig! Word er hebberig van ;-)

Åpent hus said...

mmmm! screems to be touched, doesn¨t it?
I love the fact that it looks ultimately soft, but that it has that rough texture as well.

and the colour palette fits perfectly with the fabric.

Picturing it all around our upcoming new house.:)
moving in in 3 weeks or so.

love your blog.
Best wishes
Open^house blog, Norway