summerhouse on Sylt


A summerhouse located on the island Sylt in Germany, close to the Danish border. You can really see the scandinavian influences in this summerhouse. A really natural and calm sphere makes this a perfect place to enjoy summer I think. 

The brick floor in the kitchen area is pretty amazing and love the broad light wooden floor and all the natural materials used in this house. 

Thank you Dinesen for letting me show this great summerhouse. If you like the wooden floor used in this home you really should take a look at their site for more beautiful inspiration.

Images through Dinesen



WOW and WOW. Look at that floor in the first picture! Simply beautiful place! :o) Do pop by at POWDER GREY blog love to hear your thoughts x

Elli said...

amazing home!I love it!i like your blog new style too!!

Snow in April said...

I'd love to have such a home! Especially the floor on the 1st picture!