Melbourne apartment


A beautiful renovated apartment in Melbourne.

Loving the neutral color palette giving it a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The mix of furniture pieces, with some great design pieces by Eames and Gervasoni, and the chosen materials are really well done.

100% love from me.

Images by Sharyn Cairns (through Planete Deco)


Aimée said...

I love the simplicity with still a hint of cosiness!


Cez said...

omg... want to live there!!!!!!

caroline @trend-daily said...

I love the bedroom shot-the bedlinen and colours are just gorgeous :-)

size too small said...

man i love the dowel legged chairs!

Joaquina Costa said...

just love it! it´s warm and ate the same time, paceful. was a good inspirtation to my work with Brabbu.

dagný björg * feel inspired said...

Love this apartment!