Win leather handles by NU interieur | ontwerp


We are welcoming a new April & May friend NU interieur | ontwerp. NU is a young architecture company by Tessa and Nathalie. Enjoying and feeling at home is something they think is very important when creating a design for a space like your home or office.

Besides creating interior designs they also have a small collection of interior products. And I am happy to tell you that you can win one of their products, their leather door handles, here on the blog. A clever and beautiful design that immediately transform your doors into something beautiful.

What do you have to do to win these door handles (a set of 3 door handles size M or a set of 2 door handles size L):

1. we would love to hear what you think of these leather door handles and why you would like to win them.
2. Like the NU interieur | ontwerp Facebook page here
3. leave a comment here with your opinion and like the April & May Facebook page too.

This give-away runs till Tuesday the 3th of July and we will announce the winner here and on the Facebook pages.

With love from Jantine and Nathalie & Tessa.


&SUUS said...
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&SUUS said...

I really like this win item!

1)What do I think about it?

Tough and beautiful by its simplicity. You can give cabinets another beautiful look. What I would find very useful and beautiful is a big wide horizontal grip. I am looking for this for a friend, she made a large wooden drawer and looking for a sturdy, larger handle. For myself I would like to have them in white to use as a handle instead of a guardrail. To win the action, I would go for the white small version for my bedroom closet. Still no handles, because I can not find the right :-)
2) Like Nu on FB and also shared it
3) done :-) April & May I already liked on FB and my blog.

Thankyou and have an nice day!

KarenL said...

Wauw, erg mooi!
Bij de bouw van ons huis hebben we zelf een vestiairekast ontworpen. Alleen verliep de zoektocht naar deurknopjes moeilijker dan gedacht. Met als gevolg dat de kast na bijna een jaar nog steeds geen handgreepjes heeft! Heel onhandig want om hem open te doen moet je je nu helemaal bukken om achter het hout te kunnen grijpen. Wanneer mensen op bezoek komen vragen ze steeds hoe onze kast open moet! Maar bij het zien van deze blogpost maakte mijn hart een sprongetje: deze leren handgreepjes zouden SUPER zijn bij de vestiairekast!! Heel origineel, en een mooi natuurmateriaal. De cognackleurig greepjes vind ik het mooist.
Echt een knap ontwerp! Ik zou deze dan ook ontzettend graag winnen!

Traveling Mama said...

I would love to win these! We have doors without any kind of handle in our bathroom and tire of trying to pry them open! :-)

Sylvia Hogenboom said...

I really <3 them in there simplicity. They would be beautiful on our wardobes in our new white bedroom.

Mari said...

I think they would be nice to the new old furniture I´m renovating for my kids. Practical as well as good looking.

LOla said...
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LOla said...

Ain't they fascinating?! They definitely got a twist! And kind of a gentle feel to any opening...
Its actually because i'm actually revamping an interesting chest of drawers, from which i was wondering what to do with the knobs. This is a perfect find to fit with its style! Thank you for the idea!

Sandra | Accessorize your Home said...

Ik vind ze werkelijk prachtig van eenvoud. Ben de slaapkamer aan het opknappen en ze zouden perfect staan op het ladekastje wat wel een opfrisser kan gebruiken...alleen de kleur....wit, bruin, wit, bruin...kan niet kiezen! :)

Amber said...

1. This is what great design is all about ... simplicity. beauty. and practicality!
I would love to win the leather door handles by NU interieur as my Dutch boyfriend and I moved to Sydney from Amsterdam last year and we really miss the Netherlands and ingenious Dutch design! This way, we can have the details in our home that remind us of home!

2. Done -Liked the NU interieur | ontwerp Facebook page =D

3. Done - liked your Facebook page too =D

WHAT A LOVELY BLOG. Thanks for the chance to win =D