Once upon a time...


Once upon a time... is the title of this styling production by Stefanie Maas and Carline van Oel.

Old fairytales transformed into something new were the inspiration for the images above showing us some home rituals like eating, drinking, sleeping, dressing and relaxing.

When I saw these images I fell in love immediately. Love the concept, so well thought off and so well translated into these beautiful images. The industrial background and a beautiful color palette with pastels and darker colors give it a strong and dreamy feeling. Some wonderful inspiration with great products used in the production.

Most of the products are Dutch design and if you see something that makes you smile all the details are available upon request.

Hope you feel inspired like I did. Thank you Stefanie and Carline for letting me show your work here on my blog.

Image 1 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Image 2 - The Princess and the Pea
Image 3 - Sleeping Beauty
Image 4 - Jack and the Beanstalk
Image 5 & 6 - The Emperor's New Clothes
Image 7 - Alice in Wonderland

Styling by Stefanie Maas & Carline van Oel
Photography by David Finato


Iris Vank said...

Heel gaaf!

agnes szucs said...

i also love Carline's work... and her blog, too! :)


oneofthepossums said...

I'd love to know where the pillows in image 2 are sourced from. ;)

Hege Sletsj√łe Morris said...

Love it!

homewarming said...


BEACH & EAU said...

DREESSS IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!hello of spain

Stefanie Maas said...

Hi all,

So nice to read that you all like it, thanks :)

About the pillows, I will write down a little list (from top till down) with the designers and the shops where you can buy them.

Manon Garritsen via & Designshop
Marinekko via Store Without a Home
Tas-Ka via Tas-Ka
LuckyBoySunday via Buisjes en Beugels
Made on Gustavsberg via Store Without a Home
Philomijn via LokalHeroz
Zilalila via Sukha

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What about the light on picture 3 ?

Where can i find it ? Love it !!

Thanks ;)

Stefanie Maas said...

That's the diamond light from erik therner

I've found it at & Designshop in Rotterdam,
but for sure you can buy it online...