April & May on Remodelista


How happy can you be when seeing my little boy's room on Remodelista.

Proud to be featured as I am a big fan of Remodelista. Thank you so much!

Would be nice to maybe post some pictures of Storm his room because it has changed a bit in the meantime. And I am planning to change it this year a little more because he is not that little baby anymore.

Be continued...


Lau de Casalil said...

Chouette... that's nice to see our kids bedrooms changing in the time... Saul's one was bright colored when he was a baby... mostly apple green and orange shades... and now... mustard and army green took the advantage...love your greys!

eLfy said...

Super nice, congrats. What is the name of your son jantine?

APRIL & MAY said...


The name of my son is Storm.

x Jantine