April & May hearts


This made me smile

1. Faber stools by Julian Lohr
2. F*** it.... through hu2
3. Love tees through Le Souk 
4. Curiosity by Ylva Skarp through Nordic Bliss


xxtherese said...

love it! xoxo


Lisanne van de Klift said...

Love Curiosity by Ylva Skarp through Nordic Bliss!


AVY said...

New York is magic.



carina said...

I love furniture well designed as the Faber stools by Julian Lohr.

Hege Sletsj√łe Morris said...

Love the mix!

Martina blog said...

What makes me smile is your sensitivity... Great! I invite you to visit inrednings blog, www.delightfull.eu/blog :) thank you for your bright in this cloudy morning!

Nordic Bliss said...

I have to say I like the print ;)