Hannah Lemholt


I recently discovered the blog Honeypielivingetc. and the work of Hannah Lemholt. I couldn't stop looking at all the magical pictures she made.

We had a nice chat by mail and she is a truly nice woman and I am so glad I have discovered her work and am allowed to show it too you.

Hannah you turn each image into magic, thanks for all the beauty and inspiration.

All images by Hannah Lemholt


b and e said...

Wow Love. The bird comment AH! Love.


elli by studio34E said...

the calendar at first picture is soo cool i will definitely make one!

krys kirkpatrick said...

Very cool. Love the little mug. You are in my reader...always look forward to your posts.

Forever Love ♥ said...

Love her work, and thank you for showing my picture:-)

Best regards,


Kristin Peake Interiors said...

Wow Wow!! So happy to find your blog! I love every image! And can't wait to check out Hannah as well.
Feel free to stop by my blog as well!

Can't wait to see what's next on your blog!

Zane said...

beautiful, love her work

seventeendoors said...

I agree, her work is so amazing, and that first pic one of my favourites.
Have a nice Saturday!