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(ply)wood apartment


This Melbourne apartment you'll find beautiful materials, smart space solutions and a young home feeling. The soft colors, the use of wood and that amazing bathroom (!) are all perfectly combined. And we love the subtile use of the plants in the rooms. 

Photography Lisbeth Grosmann
find all the images at Yellowtrace

not only white


NotOnlyWhite is a Dutch design brand founded in 2010 by Marike Andeweg. A beautiful collection of bathroom products that can be recognized by it's clean lines and pure and simplistic look.

Just a few weeks ago they created some inspiring new images for the NOW collection and we love to see some or our products used in the images. Some of the great products of Herbivore Botanical and our little knitted sheep, all available in our shop.

We are in love with the great aesthetics of NotOnlyWhite and hope you are inspired by this great Dutch brand.

Images by Moni van Bruggen | Styling by Stefanie Maas

black spaghetti


Weekend comfort food. Black spaghetti, because it's so pretty and it taste good, with mushrooms and parmesan cheese. It's one of my favorite 'quick & easy' dishes. And it will always look delicious on any plate or bowl. 

Have a great comfy, warm weekend!

You can find the recipe here
Photography by Nicky&Max 

April and May hearts


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new pastels


We are in love with the office of the Beck Sonder Gaard team. The simplicity, the old and the new, the soft  and nude pastel colors with an industrial touch. They did a great job. 

And don't you just love to see how the colors old Eames chairs fit perfectly in this mix?

Photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Coisa - multifunctional accessories


We have followed Coisa now for a while and are happy they have become our newest blogfriend. 
Coisa is a Dutch brand with multifunctional scarves. Timeless pieces that are both functional, beautiful and from high quality. The love for design and beautiful fabrics made owner Kim van der Wel decide to start this unique label. 

It all started in 2012 with the Coisa Original, a scarve, poncho, cape and cardigan in one. But we also love the Coisa square, an oversized square scarve made from the finest cotton and a bit of cashmere. Can you imagine how this feels on your skin? 

The Coisa items are not only great for the summer but also for the colder moments ahead of us so you can enjoy it endlessly. Enjoy your Coisa! And if you order now you will get this great bag for free.

weekend breakfast


Weekends are for sleeping late or.. getting out of bed early to make a delicious breakfast. We found a blog where you can find the most tasty ideas for a good weekend breakfast. So if you are looking for a sweet or more heavy breakfast, you can find them here

So.. what are you eating this weekend? xoxo 

recipes at Lily - Aamupalalla  

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iumi lights


We love wood...and at IUMI they do to. They connect the lively character of the material and the love for craft with the precision of digital design.

All of the IUMI lights are delivered as birchwood assembly kits. The wood comes precut and in a handprinted box. With a little love and just a few minutes you can put your piece together. No glue or screw needed :)

We can imagine these lights in a crisp and clean interior with lots of white...What about you?

A family home in Israel


This family house located in Ramat Hasharon is designed by Keren Milchberg Porat. She used raw and recycled materials.

‎‏‎‏Originally the owners were inspired by prefab techniques and concepts. But "due to the fact that they couldn't find any local Israeli contractor with validated prefab experience, and their budget was too tight to simply fly in a crew from the states or Europe, they decided to go the only way they could—with conventional and traditional building methods popular in Israel," says Porat. "But certain prefab-inspired design elements remained, such as cement floors, industrial roofing, extensive use of large windows, and large deck areas that surround the interior of the house."

A great way of using traditional building methods combined with modern materials and a different approach created by the original inspiration.



We have a crush on beautiful packaging and branding. If you feel the love for a product or brand and everything is taken care of with detail and attention it makes you feel more connected.

Need we say more about the soap bars by Underwearables? We want them immediately and can only imagine how they smell.

Underwearables is an on-line closet of sensorial experiences, moments and occasions. A collection of delicacies that take you on a journey to past times and new places. A selections of memories and an exchange of future souvenirs...

A beautiful shop with products that are all about simplicity and quality for moments of everyday luxury.

must have light


A while ago we spotted this beautiful hotel for sale on Fantastic Frank. The thing that caught our eye ( besides all the other beautiful products and atmosphere ) were the industrial cage-lights you see on the images above. Very simple, but very lovely. And you can place it wherever you want in you're home, you just need to plug it in. 

So, they are now available in our shop :) And we love them! 

Enjoy your weekend..! xoxo

saturday mood

Weekend. Relax. Food. 

Need we say more? 

First image by Elisabeth Heier
Recipe for raw bounty bars

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